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Weekly Offer

19.2.2018 - 25.2.2018

Pumpkin cream 65CZK
Chicken broth with meat, vegetables and fried noodles 50CZK
Tagliatelle with roasted mushrooms, leek and rucola 185CZK
Beef fajitas in wheat tortilla with sour cream and hot pepper 255CZK
Lasagna with chicken meat and tomato sauce, baked with parmesan 175CZK
"Moravian sparrow" with potato dumplings and cabbage 145CZK
Pork tenderloin in onion batter with mashed potatoes, tartar 185CZK
Cupcakes with salad from red beet FIT TIP 125CZK
Chicken breast marinated in oranges on ice salad with fruit and raisins FIT TIP 100g 155CZK
Cheesecake with Fruits95CZK

26.2.2018 - 4.3.2018

Cabbage soup with sausage 55CZK
Beef broth with rice and peas 55CZK
Spinach tagliatelle with salmon and cream sauce, parmesan 230CZK
Segedin goulash with bread dumplings 145CZK
Spanish bird with rice 185CZK
Fried chicken croquettes with potato purée and tomato salad 165CZK
Beef chilli con carne with cheese nachos 180CZK
Vegetable lasagna with tomato sauce baked with mozzarella FIT TIP 135CZK
Beef sirloin strips on head cabbage with olives and tomatoes FIT TIP 100g 235CZK
Plum butter bag with cottage cheese and sugar95CZK