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Weekly Offer

20.11.2017 - 26.11.2017

* 3pcs of quail eggs on toast 95CZK
*Pumpkin cream 75CZK
Chicken broth with meat, noodles and vegetables 50CZK
*Home-made potato gnocchi with chicken meat and zucchini 190CZK
Stuffed potato dumplings with smoked meat sprinkled with onion and sauerkraut 145CZK
*Creamy mushroom risotto, parmesan 235CZK
Beef goulash served with onion dumplings 165CZK
Pork chops with ham and egg, potato chips, tartar sauce 175CZK
*Pasta salad with chicken meat FIT TIP 100g 145CZK
Chicken slice with vegetables and quinoa FIT TIP 100g 165CZK
Home ricotta cake with nuts 95CZK
* For selected dishes we recommend fresh black truffle from Umbria 1g60CZK

27.11.2017 - 3.12.2017

Groats with egg 45CZK
Peach cream with croutons 65CZK
Pork leg "Hamburská" with bread dumplings 145CZK
Fried chicken schnitzels covered in cheese dough with potato purée 165CZK
Thai salad with pepper, coconut and mint 195CZK
Pork steaks packed in bacon, broccoli, mashed potatoes 285CZK
Chicken kung-pao with vegetables and jasmine rice 185CZK
Omelette with grilled vegetables, red beet FIT TIP 135CZK
Chicken salad with turkey dumplings FIT TIP 100g 135CZK
Poppy muffin on strawberry ragout with "Zabaione" sauce105CZK