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À la carte

Offer menu

Beef carpaccio with basil oil, rucola, taggiasca olives and parmesan 240CZK
Mixed tartar beef steak with homemade potato chips and toast on lard 185CZK
Caesar salad with chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese and croutons 205CZK
Caesar salad with prawns, bacon, parmesan and croutons 255CZK
Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino, parmesan 175CZK
Beef tenderloin on cream with bacon and bread dumplings with cranberries235CZK

Baby meals

Chicken breast with tenderloin sauce and bread dumplings 125CZK
Fried chicken fillet with potato purée, lemon120CZK

Daily specials and steaks

For more information about daily specials or steaks ask our staff.

For information about allergens in our dishes and beverages, please ask our staff. The couvert is 10 CZK / person for the meals served.

Weekly Offer

15.10.2018 - 21.10.2018

Potato soup with mushrooms 65CZK
Semolina soup with egg 50CZK
Tartar of salmon, roasted toast 165CZK
Rolled fillet with boiled potatoes 155CZK
Chicken steak with roasted potatoes, tartar sauce 175CZK
Smoked beef tongue, cream horseradish sauce & bread dumplings 145CZK
Beef tenderloin slices on herbs, beef jus & potato croquettes 485CZK
Tagliatelle with pork tenderloin and mushroom sauce, Grana Padano cheese 225CZK
Turkey mix with vegetables and jasmine rice 165CZK
Chicken steak with humus and tomatoes FIT TIP 100g 135CZK
Butterfish with steamed vegetables and dutch sauce FIT TIP 100g 185CZK
„Míša“ cuts85CZK

22.10.2018 - 28.10.2018

Frankfurt soup with sausage 60CZK
Poultry broth with meat, noodles and vegetables 50CZK
Fried camembert, boiled potatoes & spicy tartar sauce 175CZK
200g Roasted "streaky bacon", sour cabbage & potato dumplings 145CZK
Stewed "Prague ham", peas puree & sour cucumber 165CZK
Beef goulash with bacon dumplings 175CZK
Spaghetti all'Amatriciana & Grana Padano 185CZK
Beef noodles "asian style" with vegetables & stewed jasmine rice 225CZK
Roasted potato pancakes with goat cheese & spinach 220CZK
Turkey roll with vegetables & herb bulgur FIT TIP 100g 145CZK
Humus of roasted eggplant with peas, roasted cherry tomatoes and rucola FIT TIP 135CZK
Light chocolate roll with whipped cream and sour cherry sauce75CZK

29.10.2018 - 4.11.2018

Tomato soup with basil and pasta rice 65CZK
Beef broth with celestine noodles and vegetables 55CZK
Beef roast "Znojemská", steamed rice 185CZK
Pork "Segedin" goulash, bread dumplings 150CZK
Chicken thigh á la pheasant with boiled potatoes 145CZK
Roasted duck breast on honey, rice noodle salad with vegetables 395CZK
Beef ragout "Bolognese" with pasta & Grana Padano 180CZK
Pork tenderloin cuts fried in cheese dough & potato mash 185CZK
Chicken slices prepared "sous vide", pasta rice with vegetables FIT TIP 145CZK
Zucchini rolls stuffed with vegetables baked with mozzarella FIT TIP 135CZK
Banana sorbet with cheese muffin105CZK