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Weekly Offer

25.3.2019 - 31.3.2019

Cheese cream with croutons 60CZK
Beef broth with liver rice 55CZK
Beef on pepper, pasta 175CZK
Chicken thigh with rice 165CZK
Beef "Ball tip" on grill with roasted corn on bacon & grenaille 265CZK
Spaghetti Bolognese, Grana Padano cheese 180CZK
Fried cauliflower, boiled potato, tartar sauce 165CZK
Chicken steak with pasta salad FIT TIP 100g 140CZK
Caprese salad with roasted baguette FIT TIP 130CZK
Pancakes with forest fruit sauce95CZK

1.4.2019 - 7.4.2019

Beef broth with meat and noodles 50CZK
Legume soup 55CZK
Roast pork, potato dumpling, spinach 165CZK
Roasted sausage, boiled potatoes, sauerkraut 140CZK
Chicken farmer´s mix with potato pancakes 170CZK
Roast beef "Znojmo" with rice 185CZK
Potato goulash, bread 140CZK
Buckwheat pancakes with beetroot salad FIT TIP 135CZK
Butterfish with grenails and beans FIT TIP 145CZK
Chocolate cake with cherry sauce105CZK