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Weekly Offer

14.1.2019 - 20.1.2019

Beef broth with liver rice 55CZK
Tripe soup from oyster mushroom 65CZK
Veal chilli con-carne with corn nachos 225CZK
Pork cutlet on grill with mushroom cake 215CZK
"Čevabčiči" with boiled potatoes, onion & mustard 145CZK
Farmer´s chicken mix with jasmine rice 165CZK
Penne a la Carbonara, Grana Padano cheese 185CZK
Butterfish with steamed vegetables FIT TIP 100g 185CZK
Baked eggplant with tomatoes & mozzarella FIT TIP 135CZK
Chocolate brownies95CZK

21.1.2019 - 27.1.2019

Potato soup with mushrooms 65CZK
Chicken broth with meat, vegetables & noodles 50CZK
Mix grill 300g with american potato & garlic sauce 295CZK
Debrecen goulash with steamed rice 165CZK
Tagliatelle with olive tapenade, cherry tomatoes & arugula, Grana Padano cheese 180CZK
Baked pasta with smoked meat, cucumber salad 145CZK
Pea mash with smoked chicken steak, sour cucumber 150CZK
Cucumber plates with beetroot salad FIT TIP 100g 125CZK
Turkey steak with buckwheat risotto FIT TIP 100g 145CZK
Ricotto cake with nuts & creme fraiche95CZK

28.1.2019 - 3.2.2019

Peas cream with butter croutons 65CZK
Beef broth with egg 55CZK
Turkey roll stuffed with mozzarella & spinach with wild rice 185CZK
Pork neck on grill with small roasted potatoes & spicy mushroom salad 195CZK
"Hunter´s" meatloaf with mashed potatoes, carrot salad 165CZK
Pappardelle with beef flap & tomato sauce, Grana Padano cheese 245CZK
Dill sauce with wrinkled potatoes & poached egg 145CZK
Salmon lasagne baked with mozzarella FIT TIP 185CZK
Chicken skewers on herbs with grilled vegetables FIT TIP 100g 145CZK
Countess cuts75CZK