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Weekly Offer

24.4.2017 - 30.4.2017

Barley soup with smoked meat 50CZK
"Tripe" soup of oyster mushrooms 55CZK
Beef heart bacon with jasmine rice 145CZK
Skewer of pork tenderloin, baked potatoes and creamy pepper sauce 245CZK
Chicken breasts alla Saltimbocca with parmesan risotto 175CZK
Lentils on sour, smoked ham, pickles 155CZK
Quesadilla with chicken baked cheddar 175CZK
Chicken fillet with vegetable salad and yogurt dressing FIT TIP 100g 135CZK
Baked goat cheese on lettuce FIT TIP 100g 145CZK
Banana cake with chocolate75CZK

1.5.2017 - 7.5.2017

Beef broth with liver dumplings 55CZK
Lentil soup 50CZK
Pork chop with South Bohemian mashed and roasted cherry tomatoes 215CZK
Beef with garlic, spinach, potato dumplings 185CZK
Roasted "wild" chicken leg with jasmine rice 145CZK
Dumplings with sauerkraut, bacon and onion in lard 145CZK
Vegetable skewer with wild rice and tomato sauce FIT TIP 125CZK
Grilled chicken breast with coleslaw FIT TIP 100g 135CZK
Apple Tarte Tatin95CZK